What You Can Do for Immigration Reform

I copied this from I Was a Stranger KC I thought it might be helpful to those who believe, as I do, that reform is needed for our nation to give a merciful and just response to immigration:

Make a difference in the lives of immigrants by joining with others in Kansas and Missouri’s Christian community in letting your Senators know about your support of comprehensive immigration reform principles that help fix our broken immigration system. Now is crucial time to let Senator Jerry Moran and Senator Roy Blunt know there are many in favor of reform. They will likely be voting before the end of June, so your call is needed today.

When you call, make sure you say your name, that you are a Christian and where you are calling from (City, State). We ask that you share a short statement of support or leave a message of support if no one answers. It is easy to do and takes little time. Here are two examples to use with numbers to call below.

“I urge the Senator to support common sense immigration reform bill S744. We need to uphold comprehensive immigration reform and the Biblical call to welcome the stranger. Please let the Senator know I am in favor of S744 because it keeps families together.

“I urge the Senator to uphold comprehensive immigration reform and stand with our brothers and sisters in Christ who are suffering under a broken immigration system. I believe the Bible calls for a compassionate response to the foreigner living in our midst and I ask the Senator to vote in favor of Senate bill S744. Please let the Senator know I am concerned about immigrant families being separated.”

Kansas phone numbers: Senator Jerry Moran: (913) 393-0711 or (202) 224-6521
(785) 628-6401-Hays office;

Senator Pat Roberts: (913) 451-9343
Missouri phone numbers: Senator Roy Blunt: (202) 224-5721 Senator Claire McCaskill: (202) 224-6154