Why I Blog

I blog to give voice to the things that roll around in my head. Daily there are ideas, questions, thoughts and learnings that cause me to go hmmm. Writing is a discipline that causes me to catch these musings and examine them. I’ve kept a journal for years and continue the practice today. Blogging takes the discovery process a step further and it invites you, the reader, into the process.


I discover more about God, myself, people, ministry, nature and other mysteries of life when I force myself to write about what I am observing. If I don’t–life moves so fast that I tend to go with the flow instead of catching the moment and examining it. Socrates was right when he said; the unexamined life is not worth living.


Where blogging starts to be a lot of fun is when you, the reader, talk back. That is when we start a conversation where we can learn from each other.


Let’s make a deal for 2010. I’ll keep blogging about the things that fascinate me, cause me to question, create awe and cause me grief. I promise to keep growing and learning. Will you not only read but comment from time to time? You can agree, disagree or share what you are thinking and/or feeling. Let’s do this thing together in the New Year.