Why the Minimum?

During my latest trip to Asia to lead a Soccer Camp for Project Partner I was constantly conscious of drinking enough water. The temperatures were in the 90s and the humidity was high. I started most days with a four mile run and then during the day we were on the fields exerting a lot of energy so I needed to rehydrate frequently. The thought of drinking water was never far from my mind. I made it a practice to carry a bottle of water with me nearly everywhere I went.

Upon returning to the U.S. I”m still running most days and continuing a busy schedule but I’m not thinking about rehydration nearly as much. I’m taking for granted that I need water and in reality not drinking nearly enough. I’m not carrying water because I think, I can easily go get a drink anytime I want. The reality is that I’ve found myself on the verge of dehydration a couple of times already.

The thought went through my mind yesterday that I’m like a starving man just eating enough food to avoid starvation while I’m in the presence of plenty of food. I’m remembering to take in a minimal amount when there is plenty available.

Right after thinking that I realized that is what I do spiritually at times too. I take in the minimum amount of time with God so I don’t starve but I don’t avail myself of the plenty that God’s placed all around me. I complain at times because I haven’t heard from God lately but then remember that I started my day without time in the scriptures. I pray but I get through the same things I pray about regularly without taking time to soak up God’s goodness by spending extended time in his presence. I read online but I have books I’ve been wanting to read still sitting at my fingertips unread.

I’m grateful for the conviction. I’m taking time today to drink plenty of water and the last two days I’ve carved out extended time to go before God and allow him to speak. I thought I’d pass this on just in case these are also good words for you.