Words are constantly flying around our heads, some come from others; some are our own. As a Pastor I hear a ton of words from others and I speak a fair amount on my own. Okay, some of you think it is MORE than a fair amount! I get over 100 emails a day, at least that many texts, there are phone calls, conversations, books, blogs, TV, media and conversations we store up in our minds. These words carry a power greater than we realize.

What if you could hear the words from the spirit world? You would hear the voice of Jesus—always passionately interceding for His children. Don’t you wish you could hear what He is praying for you, how He’s expressing confidence in you and how He’s pulling for you? And then there are the words of our enemy, who the Bible describes as our “accuser.” If you ever wonder what he is speaking over you just listen to the voices around you with a discerning spirit and you will know what he’s saying because he finds human voices to carry his message of condemnation. Who are you listening to today?

James 3:3 says that the tongue is like a bit in the mouth of horse, it can steer a large animal. The words we use and the words we receive give us direction. The words of the enemy lead us downward into shame and condemnation. The goal is to paralyze us and cause us to quit. The words of the Holy Spirit are life-giving. They inspire faith, action and a life lived in the divine power of our Savior Jesus who said, if you remain in me and my words remain in you, you may ask for anything you want, and it will be granted. John 15:7

Whose words are in you today? Are you feeding on the words of your critics, the words of your spouse or family, the words of destruction, or are you nourishing your soul with the words of life? It is important to have people close to you who will speak truth and love to your heart. We all need those who see the best in us; it is another good reason to be in a life giving community group. AND there is a good reason that God has given us His written word—so we will go to it often.

This morning I added up the words sent my way in the last week or so and realized that there was a lot of shame, condemnation and discouragement targeted at me. As the morning dawned it also dawned on me who is at the source of it and why. I’m so grateful that before I even got out of bed I began to quote the words of scripture over and over in my mind. I fed on it long before breakfast. It nourished my soul and brought spiritual insight. God’s word sparked faith and energy flowed.  God is good (and if you prayed for me today, thank you!).

If you want words of life get in His Word. He wants to speak to you and what He has to say is just what you need to hear.

Gary Kendall